We are redefining
the rules

Küschall is redefining the rules with innovation by using aerospace materials and working in partnership with Formula 1 manufacturers to secure the most unprecedented driving performance available on the market today.

Space age materials

Space age

Making a vision a reality, the Küschall Superstar will be the first wheelchair built with the toughest aerospace material possible: Graphene

Superstar at a glance

  • 200x stronger than steel
  • 10x tougher than diamond, but incredibly flexible
  • Ultra-light yet immensely tough
  • Single layer of carbon atoms
  • High mechanical resistance and durability

Cutting edge technology

Cutting edge

The Superstar team have established themselves as industry pioneers by developing and using the latest technologies with the goal to revolutionize the wheelchair market.

Superstar at a glance

  • Using the latest CAD* tools, we are creating the geometry combined with the tube sizing that will deliver an incredible performance.

Direct drive


A staggering 50-70% of wheelchair users will end up with upper extremity injuries after 10 -15 years. The Küschall Superstar is being designed to enhance direct drive, to allow the wheels to be positioned in a closer proximity to you, increasing propelling efficiency and reducing the risk of upper body extremity injuries in the future.

Direct Drive at a glance

  • Tailor-made seat to ensure you feel at one with your wheelchair
  • Correct posture to maximize your propelling performance
  • Increased agility and drive with the new responsive geometry
  • Adjustable seating position depending on your activity
  • Best weight to acceleration performance in the market

Tailor made

Bespoke backresthas the possibility for a tool less adjustment to improve your comfort during the day


After a bio-mechanical assessment the Superstar is handmade and adapted to your needs.

Customized back rest
Bespoke backrest with the possibility for a tool less adjustment during the day
Integrated mudguard
Quality mudguards to protect you from the environment
Customized seat cushion
Fully integrated seat cushion designed for optimal posture and comfort
Mono Post
Revolutionary system that allows the seat to adjust in cog, height and width
Graphene Frame
The first graphene wheelchair in the market
Innovative frame construction that increases your driving performance giving an effortless drive anywhere you go
Integrated LED
Safely drive during the night with new led technology
Personalized wheelchair
Customize from an unlimited range of graphics, colours and finishes

The lightest and strongest wheelchair in the world, with record breaking weight, cutting-edge materials and stunning design.

Frame weight
Top Acceleration
Stronger than steel
Propelling efficiency

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